Rastriya Janata Party is ready to take part in the third phase of local level elections


PARSA: Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) Nepal presidium coordinator Mahantha Thakur has said the party is ready to take part in the third phase of local level elections provided that the government implemented the three-point agreement that it signed with the Madhes-centric parties.

He expressed his hope that an atmosphere of election would be built if the government became serious towards the enforcement of past agreements.

Addressing a programme organised to welcome new-comers to the party at Bishrampur of Bahudarmai Rural Municipality on  Saturday, leader Thakur sought the delineation of electoral constituencies on the basis of population, status of martyrs to those Madhesis killed during the Madhes agitation, treatment expense to the injured and the withdrawal of agitation-related cases, which according to him, would build an atmosphere for the party to participate in the elections.

The RJP would take part in the elections  provided that the government ensured  it would  address the demands put forth by the party, if  the two-third majority  needed for the amendment of the constitution could not be garnered, he added.

On the occasion, he  blamed the government for pushing the Madhes back by investing less in the health and education sectors there.

Party spokesperson Bimal Shreewastav, leaders Neja Mudin Samani and Sashi Shanker Miya said that the party would not be taking part in the elections in the existing situation.

Leader Thakur welcomed new comers who decided to join the party by quitting their associations with different political parties.